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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that today 97% of people use Google to find local products and services?

If you have a business in Sussex and it is not being marketed online, then chances are you are losing custom. We help businesses in Sussex to effectively market their business on Google so you are found in relevant searches for the products and services that you offer. Search Engine Optimisation can be an extremely effective marketing tool; even while you are sleeping people can be finding your website on Google and you could be receiving an enquiry or even making a sale! Many of our customers come this way to our website (the one you are reading at the moment!), and we can help you get customers this way too.

Free Local SEO Assessment

Why not find out how well your web site business is performing locally online with our free Local SEO Audit and Report. Just enter your details and we will send you a PDF analysis of your website completely free. We are also very happy to speak to you about your site; if you would like to book a free consultation please contact us.

What do you do to promote a website locally online?

We can do a number of things, from making sure your Google Plus Business listing is set up properly, to adding geo pages to your site targeting specific geographical areas, to adding you to local online directories. We also work closely with businesses to help them get online reviews from their customers. The list can be quite long, but does actually vary from business to business depending on their needs.

How much does SEO cost?

We have prices from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand, it all depends on your business and your objectives. If you would like to discuss the best SEO options for your business, please call us on 01293 894 393. We work hard to make sure your business attracts the type of customers who will pay back your investment time and time again.

Is Local SEO the only online option for my business?

We usually recommend SEO as one of the many marketing pillars for most businesses. There are, however, occasions where it is not suitable, the main one being if no one is searching for your products and services online! Other, often equally effective, options for marketing your business online include:

Have you been burnt by a web marketing company before?

Unfortunately, if you have, this is not an uncommon story. We hear some incredible stories of unethical things companies have done to their clients. We have had many successes and many happy clients, and hopefully these speak for themselves. However, if you would like further reassurance please let us know and we’d be more than happy to let you speak to a number of our existing customers as references. Plus our promises to you are: